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CEO Nomad On a Quest to See, Experience, and Make a Difference

Living and working to inspire

What do you think of when you hear “CEO?” If you’re like most people, you probably envision a person in a power position directing their company from behind a desk. Drew Gerber of Wasabi Publicity, Inc. is redefining what it means to be a CEO and, beyond that, he has invited us all to reimagine what success really looks like. Here’s what we mean.

At the age of 15, Drew had a vision, what he likes to call an “aha moment.” Hearing the adult conversations swirl around him, he observed how the art of conversation itself had the transformative power to inspire action and change people’s lives. It was then he knew he wanted to serve people through empowering conversations… but that path wasn’t as simple as from A to B for Drew.

His passion for chemistry led him to a degree in chemical engineering, but that inner knowing from age 15 only grew inside him, driving him to connect with personal and professional transformation group Landmark where he participated, worked and eventually led courses. And when a serendipitous meeting with another Landmark graduate, Michelle Tennant Nicholson, led to another “aha moment,” Drew listened and the two launched Wasabi Publicity in 2002.



* Italian, verb, first-person plural infinitive, “ih-loo-muh-nar-chee”
* meaning: to light up or illuminate

Drew believes conversations have the power to change the world — that they shape how we think, how we feel, how we act and we how experience the world around us. He believes conversations hold the keys to creating a world that works for everybody.

Not all conversation have an impact, but those that bring clarity, lighten people’s burdens and illuminate the path to inspired action hold within them the seeds of meaningful change. We all have such conversations within us, whether individually or as part of the collective whole. In creating Wasabi Publicity, Drew’s goal was to build a company around his passion to help clarify those conversations and share them with the world. By doing so, he has ignited the passion in others.

“I believe the best way to be heard is to listen,” says Drew. “I believe the unseen is as important as the seen. I believe authenticity speaks volumes. I believe answers are a trap and questions are where life happens. I believe in human kind. I believe we are human beings not human doings. I believe that being present transforms life.”

A CEO Nomad with Impact

A nomad is an explorer, a wanderer, one who is continually curious, continually searching. Drew Gerber is a nomad in life—in his journey from chemical engineering to PR—as well as on the map. Always open to the next adventure, Drew has made his home in Saluda, NC, in Budapest, Hungary and in Stara Moravica, Serbia. His ongoing goal has been to live life in service to the following questions:

What makes a difference?

What inspires change?

Landing in a small Serbian village to renovate a home and creating an IT school there to empower locals with better job prospects.

Designing Wasabi Publicity as a virtual company back when this was unheard of in the corporate community and inviting talented people around the globe from a variety of professions to come together as a team of publicity innovators.

Inventing the first online press kit and in turn, propelling Wasabi Publicity clients into the media’s awareness by inventing the tools to do so more effectively than ever before.

And the pattern continues. This CEO nomad is already looking for the next place on the map where he can transform a property and a community. Wasabi Publicity has moved from creating the first online press kits to being forerunners in harnessing the power of social media to now working to create powerful video solutions in today’s hot streaming market.

Do the Hokey Pokey, Turn Yourself Around

In Wasabi Publicity, CEO Drew Gerber created a firm that serves as a nomadic guide to its clientele, leading the way through the shifting sands of the ever-changing media landscape, offering an understanding of not only the destination but of how to navigate the journey and enjoy yourself in the process.

Wasabi Publicity is a global, eclectic, creative and innovative team committed to making the world a better place. They are publicists, journalists, TV producers, web developers, designers, social media experts, thought leaders and more. Drew is quick to add, he is also a hokey-pokey connoisseur.

Wasabi Publicity turns the conversation around for their clients with innovative excellence in services such as:

* full web build-outs
* creative branding services
* crowd-sourced social media
* marketing that matters
* game-changing content creation
* meaningful media relationships

“The way we do business is as important as the business itself,” Drew shares. “PR isn’t about getting people to do something; it’s about causing inspired action. We listen for your greatness and we help you share it with the world. We’re changing the conversation around what it means to be human.”

Find Drew at www.WasabiPublicity.com and www.DestinationAha.com, where his love of conversations that make a difference and his passions for travel and PR intersect.
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