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How to Be an Ahaprenuer: Getting Unstuck in Life and Business

The art to succeeding in business is not to work harder, think smarter, or to be competitive. It's to think in fresh ways that allows you to continually see your business newly. Create opportunities for new expression of your business.

What Kind of PR is Best for You?

Not all PR is created equal. What are your goals? Are you looking for national or local publicity; a traditional, online or social strategy? Drew and his team can help you get clear about how PR fits into your overall marketing plan.

Does PR Work?

Before you can begin to answer that question, you must define what “works” means for you and your brand. Drew explains.

When is The Best Time to Start a PR Campaign?

Before you start laying the foundation for PR success, you need to have your ducks in a row. Be crystal clear about who you are, what makes you unique, why the media should care, and why they should care now. Assure you have a consistent message by having all your media materials ready before the press come knocking.

PR vs. Advertising

Advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media. Drew discusses the differences between the two, the benefits of each, and how to decide what the right choice is for you and your brand.

Working With a PR Agency

In your hectic life, is it difficult to find the time to connect with the media to land the placements you desire? Do you need guidance on who to pitch, what to pitch them, or when to pitch? Are you confused about how to close the deal with the media? Or what it takes to be a media superstar? Drew can help.

Why Have a PR Company Build Your Website?

Wasabi Publicity CEO Drew Gerber has changed the face of modern PR, but before that he ran a .com business. Now, he brings his multi-level expertise to bear for clients who want a website that really works for them and their brand.

How Friendly Is Your Online Presence?

As of the latest reports, approximately 52 percent of Internet traffic is from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are turning off more than half of your potential audience and harming your credibility and your brand. Wasabi Publicity CEO Drew Gerber explains what steps—including mobile optimization—can help ensure your online presence is friendly and approachable.

Why Authenticity Succeeds… and Sells

Drew discusses how successful companies build brands known for integrity and authenticity.

Change Your Thinking to Get Unstuck

As CEO, Drew has continually created new businesses and revenue streams to fit the changing needs of media and clients. His advice to stay relevant: continually challenge your ways of thinking.

Your True Expression: Passion and Strategy

Drew shares how to create new opportunities for new expressions of your business, along with tools to share your message with the world.

Charting Your Publicity Course on the Storm-tossed Media Sea

Drew discusses options and opportunities in today’s media environment.

Conscious Business: Is Doing Good Good for Business?

Drew discusses how entrepreneurs are profiting from their passion and changing the world for the better.

Who Needs PR and Why?

Does your brand closely depend upon a founder, author, speaker or other spokesperson? Drew explains how PR can help.

What Does PR Really Do?

Many people are not clear on the differing roles of public relations and advertising, and their expectations are skewed as a result.

You Landed the Big Placement – Now What?

Getting a top media placement used to be considered a gravy train for business. But scoring media coverage alone won’t necessarily translate into record sales or a huge spike in your online traffic. Today companies have to do more to leverage their publicity. Drew explains.

Why You Need to Shift How You Think about PR and Marketing

“PR still is the most effective and powerful marketing tool, but you need to think differently in order for it to produce the results you want it to produce,” Drew says.

Why You Are Your Own Distribution Channel

In today’s digital world, your social media presence is your main distribution channel. If you are misusing or underusing social media venues, you are missing out. Drew explains why.

Think Globally, Renovate Locally

“House Hunters International” featured how Drew and his husband renovated a home in a small Serbian village. Drew shares why they chose this location to start an IT training center and employ locals as part of Wasabi Publicity’s global mission to highlight the work of those who do good.

How to Measure Your Success to Fulfill What You Want to Fulfill

Different kinds of media yield different kinds of results. Drew explains how to set your course based on where you want to go.
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