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Free Media List Service Incorporates New Article Database

Atlanta, Georgia — PitchRate.com now offers an expanded article database giving experts and publicists the ability to upload bylined articles to the PitchRate.com site for journalists and media outlets to access.

Articles in the database are searchable by topic categories and keywords and can be easily copied and pasted by journalists to create the perfect story and still meet their deadline. Journalists also have the option of contacting article authors through the database to schedule an interview.

“We’re excited to launch this enhanced feature at PitchRate, making it even easier for journalists to find an expert and appropriate content for their story or segment,” says founder L. Drew Gerber. “Our primary goal has always been to make journalists’ jobs easier. Our technology keeps them organized and saves time, allowing journalists to meet their deadlines, even on weekends and holidays. The new article database further fulfills our goal. And if we make journalists’ jobs easier, experts will have better opportunities to connect with them and land more media coverage.”

PitchRate.com is a free service that connects journalists with the highest rated experts. Journalists sign up at PitchRate.com, make requests, and view pitches in their inbox or online. Experts view the requests that are relevant to their expertise, and then tailor a pitch to fit the media’s needs.

According to Gerber, 93% percent of all journalists prefer to get their information online. Gerber adds, “Now that our experts and publicists can upload bylined articles to the new database, PitchRate.com is able to further its mission of making the media’s job easier.”

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